Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Think This says It All...

Easter with The Mock Family

When Todd and I got married I was lucky enough to marry into a huge family.  They are all loving and accepted me immediatly.  What I love is that they love my kids as their own.  We have some great traditions that I hope will continue for a very long time.  Just one of those is the easter egg hunt.  Every year Aunt Blah Blah (aka Aunt Amy) does a wonderful job making it special for the kids.

Aunt Blah Blah and her "Bubbas"

Everett is One!

I can still remember my parents getting that phone call that Kristen was heading to the hopsital.  I was so very excited to beome an Aunt!  Having the 2 boys of my own makes you realize just how precious a child is and I was excited that my sister could now have her own experiences with her little boy!  Being on the other side of the state has made it hard, but getting pictures and texts about Everett have made me feel like I am a part of his life.

Happy 1st Birthday Everett!

My Baby is 5!

The above sentence was very hard for me to say! I still cannot believe that Ethan is 5! Seriously where has the time gone?  Ethan has turned into a loving, caring, inquisitive little boy.  Above all he has a mischievious streak in can actually see the twinkle in his eye, which makes him Ethan!

Turning 30

Birthday's don't usually bother me, I mean it's a fact of life.  Everyone gets older.  For some reason this year was hard for me.  Leaving my 20's was hard.  A lot of great things happened in my 20's, I met Todd, got married and had both of my beautiful boys.  As hard as it was for me, I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what 30 brings!